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Jodone Applications

A few of the formerly impossible problems we’re solving...

We’re pretty hush hush about a lot of stuff we’re working on, but we’d thought we’d give you a taste of a few of the products that are in the pipeline. Mind you we’re a start-up so things change a lot, but here’s how they look as of today.

Trash Mining

Perhaps you’ve been to Trash Mining’s website, or maybe you’re one of the people who are contributing to the 5,000,000,000 pounds of trash generated in the US per year. Maybe you put it out at the curb and stop thinking about it, or maybe you’re consumed by it. Either way, you make trash and we make software that helps robots pick through it.

Pick & Box

Did you get this computer online? If not I bet you got something on your desk online. Ever wonder how it got in the box? Ever wonder how many items are picked out of a bin and placed in a box? We did to, and it’s staggering. Ever wonder how many robots were involved in the picking, hint if you divide by it you get a divide by zero error. We Pick&Box is here to help. It keeps the humans, doing what they do best, but can potentially double their pick and places per minute, or PPPM.


Ever wonder where the name Jodone came from, we’ll it’s a double homage to WarCraft and Japanese companies like Toyota and Sony. It’s the phrase, Job’s done, but modified to sound Japanese. The Job’sDone product is a software system for the control of versatile robots in complex work environments, like mining, close quarters combat, and tunnel construction. It allows human players to control robots to solve problems, like how to build this tunnel for 1/10th the cost of a normal tunnel construction project.