The story of Jodone

Well the beginning of the story anyways...

Jodone started with a simple idea, find practical solutions to problems other people think are impossible, and never accept, “well that’s not how it’s done,” as an answer. We take this approach with everything, from office management to agile product design to robotic interface code. We borrow great ideas from everyone we can, we love unsolicited advice, we love the impossible, and we make a difference.

At it’s core Jodone is a software company: one that focuses on the intersection between the huge drivers of change in our world, the ability of human beings to find creative solutions to problems, and the desires of human beings to build automated solutions to those problems. This is easily seen at work in gaming, which is problem solving for fun, and robotics, which is automation of the physical world. But this idea of problem solving and automation is also seen in Amazon’s MechanicalTurk, or Fiver, or using a Google form for an expense sheet.

We’re building some very cool prototypes that show off these concepts, and we help every company we work with find ways to focus humans on problem solving and focus machines (robots and computers) on automation. Our expertise is in how to mix the two in a way that is more powerful, functional, scalable, and reliable than either is alone.

Have a problem...

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