The Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

Cole Parker, Founder / CTO, Jodone

Cole Parker

Hard Charging, Tech and Game Loving, Agile Product Guy
Likes: Agile Product Design, Well-Balanced Game Play, Teamwork
Dislikes: Weakly Typed Languages, Unmet Needs, Siloing
Mike Rivera, Sr. Business Analyist, Jodone

Michael Rivera

Hard Working, Ownership Taking, Outside the Box Thinking, Jack of All Trades
Likes: Modeling, Collaboration, Communication, Unique Workplaces
Dislikes: Isolation, Bureaucracy, Entitlement, Elitism

Jay Treat, Game Designer, Jodone

Jay Treat

Detail orientated, Fun Loving, Game Designing Guy
Likes: Friends, Challenges, Teamwork
Dislikes: Quiet Time, Selfishness, Seafood

David Iclanzan

Incredibly Adventurous, Diabolically Analytical, Computing Guy
Likes: Traveling, Lightness, Puzzles
Dislikes: Monotony, Divide by Zero Errors, The House Edge

David Levitt

Quick Thinking, Relationship Building, Business Guru
Likes: Hot Sauce, Family, Walking the Dog
Dislikes: Red tape, Not Built Here Syndrome, Dishonesty

Sam Liggero

Lover of Technology, Earliest of Adopters, Thrives on Innovation
Likes: People, Business books, Tunes
Dislikes: Idle time, Cheap wine, Arrogance

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