Gaming Software for Robots

Human Intelligence, Robotic Efficiency

Why Practical Solutions

A good product provides a solution; a great product provides a practical one. At Jodone we strive to provide solutions that are sensible, grounded and workable, even if it requires a little brilliance to find such an elegant solution.

Why Impossible Problems

Truthfully, we love pushing the envelope, and moving problems from the unsolvable set into the solved one. We also don't think anything is impossible, improbable perhaps, but not impossible.

Why Robotic Gaming

Because this is what we do, we solve nearly impossible automation problems using a gaming interface that controls robots. Robots and games, elegance meets gumption to get the JO(b) DONE.

Gaming for good

Chances are you love games. Maybe it's football (or Football), or candy crush or World of Warcraft. Humans love challenges, puzzles and acheiving results. Games create a structured challenge for humans to solve. Games don't have to just be for fun, they can have a great purpose. Our "games" do.

Robots are your friends

Robots are changing the face of manufacturing, war-fighting and house cleaning. They are great at well identified and repetitive tasks. They struggle with variation. We enable robots to be used in environments to perform tasks once thought impossible, practically speaking.

Humans are better

Quickly scan around your desk, is there anything on the desk you can't identify? Now ask someone to put something completely random on your desk. Could you idenitfy it too? I bet yes. No matter how well trained a computer is, those two tests are very very hard, but for us they are easy. So let the human do the part we're good at.

Where we're starting

We are 'waste' deep dealing with trash processing, landfills, transfer stations, incinerators, parks, and rest-stops. We're busy working to fulfill those online orders, packing boxes and moving inventory. We're working hard to help companies perform manufacturing audits and scale the 'impossible to automate' tasks.

Jodone: Practically solving the impossible